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About me

"That's how we feel, can affect us and our environment," said coach Vladimír Veverka.
With rich experience to sports and fitness, I realized that training is an integral part of how to achieve the figure that we put a smile on your face. We must realize that how we feel inside and out, affects us and our surroundings. The aim and essence of sport is finding ideals and perfect figures, but the internal balance and a healthy self-esteem, or as they say "in a healthy body, healthy mind".


People who, through their hard work and achieve the desired goals for them to dream really appreciate, because not always embark on the path of light without any obstacles for your dream figure. The important thing is not to give up and move on. These people should be an inspiration for any novice athletes. Thank you for your cooperation Vladimír

My services

Gain Muscles

At the beginning I prefer a natural athletic body with an aesthetic appearance. How do muscles grow? There are many...

Weight Loss

Weight reduction Praha Have you ever felt embarrassed for the way you look? For example, you were on vacation at...

Shaping Your Body

If you conclude that your body you are not satisfied, and finally you have decided that you want to do...

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